Dr Mehul R Naik

Head, International Relations
Office: Management Building, Establishment Section

E-mail :

Phone: 917971652499

Welcome to the Office of International Relations at Nirma University! We support students, scholars and faculty members from a diverse array of nations and cultures.

With advancement in communication technologies, affordable travel and changing mind-set of people around the world, the globalization has been increasing at all levels in last decade. The universities can also leverage on this and work for the mutual benefit through strategic partnerships. In addition, the collaboration between universities and multi-national companies also helps practical research, employment and social engagement. The internationalization at Nirma University is based on this philosophy. We, at the Office of International Relations, manage the foreign collaborations and also support the foreign community on the campus. We believe that by building new collaborations around the globe, we bring the diversity to our campus which in turn enriches our community.

The Office of International Relations provides leadership for Nirma University’s international outreach programs. We provide dedicated support to international students and scholars in making their transition smooth. To existing NU students, we offer various opportunities in study or interning globally. We organize cross-cultural and international events on campus to bring diversity and all-inclusiveness in the community. All these activities bring the global competencies necessary for NU graduates to be successful in today’s networked world.

This website is designed to provide information to current and future students, as well as faculty, staff, visiting scholars, and our international partners. We are committed to provide the service and motivation that promotes internationalization. Please stop by or drop an email and we will be happy to assist!